Effective May 1st, 2022

New Policies

I require all new clients to sign a policy form stating that they understand deposits, refunds, and time slots.



Effective May 1, 2022 all bookings require a signed form stating that you agree to the new policies which can be found in this section.


All bookings require a 50% deposit of your total balance. The only package that a 50% deposit does not apply to is weddings.

When you book your session and pay your deposit, please select to leave your card on file. Your card will ONLY be charged if you cancel within the stated window or no call/ no show the photographer. ( Please see the cancelation policy)

If you fail to leave your card on file when the deposit is being paid, your session will not be booked.


All cancelations are to be made no less than 48 hours in advance. Any cancelation made within the 48 hour mark will result in paying for the full price of your scheduled session.
Any cancelations, not reschedules, but cancelations made by the photographer will result in a full refund.

If you have canceled within a 48 hour window previously or no call/no show and plan to book in the future, you must pay your full session price before being allowed to book your session.

3 strike policy: In the event of ghosting the photographer or canceling the session inside a 48 hour window for the third time. You will no longer be allowed to book with Bri Nicole Photography.


For any session 45 minutes or longer, being 15 minute late may result in not getting your fully scheduled session depending on if sessions are booked after you. For any session 45 minutes or longer, being 20 minutes late will automatically forfeit your session.

MINIS: Mini sessions are 15 minutes long and typically booked back to back. If you are 5 minutes late, you will only receive a 10 minute session and are not guaranteed the original digital image minimum.
If you are 10 minutes late to your mini session, this will result in a forfeit of your session and no refund will occur.


In the event of rescheduling a session, your deposit can be moved one time to your rescheduled session. Deposits for canceled sessions will no longer be credited towards new a new session.