It takes a team.

When it comes to delivering the best possible images, especially for a wedding day, I truly believe it takes a great team to take the photos. When it comes to editing, Bri will be the one to hand enhance every image that is sent to you.

Hey y'all!

Welcome to my happy place. I am the head photographer and the heart behind Bri Nicole Photography. My passion for photographs started around the time I was in middle school. I never payed much attention to how frequently I was photographing my friends and all of the "one of a kind moments" in my life. In late 2021 I decided to pick my dads old 2006 Nikon D80 (that I have since upgraded from) to get a couple birthday photos for my dogs. YESS, I am that extra AF dog mom.

Turns out my biggest passion had been under my nose the entire time. I quickly started begging my friends to let me take their photos, word got out and next thing I knew, I was booking sessions with complete strangers.

I am happiest curled up snuggling my three pups on the couch, watching a good series (on Netflix of course) with my boyfriend, or tagging along being the favorite third wheel capturing the best moments in my clients- turned friends- photo sessions.

I photograph, I don't "Shoot" your images, I take a moment, add a little sparkle, and delivery rich vibrant memories to hold on for a lifetime.

Our sessions are wild, fun, and a judgement free zones. Feel free to embrace who you truly are around me. I am just as weird as the next. I love all things western fashion, dog mom attire, and a nice cold beer. Ill keep it casual with you to ease those nerves, and make you feel right at home.

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